How to Get a Bigger Butt is no longer a mystery. Pay close attention, and you’ll achieve a 2-inch increase in butt circumference in just 6-short weeks.

Has getting a bigger booty has been on your mind for a while. You really want that Beyoncé-booty.

But, you are a careful planner. Before you spend your time and resources on any project, you need to meticulously gather all the facts. You have to evaluate and analyze these facts; in order to determine the feasibility of actually getting a fuller and rounder backside.

You can’t influence the layer of fat on your bottom, not directly. So, how do you increase both muscle-mass and fat, on your hindquarters? The solution is your gluteal muscles.

Anatomy of the Gluteus

Anatomy of the Gluteus photo Anatomy of the Gluteus_zpsxwqkijc3.jpg

You can directly increase the size of your gluteal muscles, and as a consequence, get a bigger booty.

Let us put it in very simple terms. Your gluteal muscles are muscles.

Let me repeat. This is biology 101. It is not just basic. It is literally third grade stuff.

Now, that’s phenomenally exciting news.

Really! Do you realize the monumental significance of this fact? You can actually increase the size of your booty.

Isn’t that a powerful REALIZATION?

Your muscles grow, if you stimulate them. They atrophy, if you do not stimulate them.

Every day, bodybuilders rely on this exact-same principle to build muscle-mass. It is the same principle that Governor Arnold Schwarzennegger used to win the “Mr. Universe Bodybuilding” title, eight times, in a row.

You do not have to be a “Mr. Universe” title-winner to develop your gluteal muscles. Anybody can do it.

There are specific, scientifically proven exercises to grow the biceps of a bodybuilder. There are specific, scientifically proven exercises to grow a bigger butt.

Bigger butt workouts are no secret, really. The hidden key is the proper execution of the workouts.
  • Exercise with proper form and you shall get a bigger butt.
  • Exercise with wrong form and your backside will remain flat.
  • It’s frustrating, but it is the truth.
  • Train hard! Eat healthy! Is it enough? No, it is not enough!
  • Sorry buddy. It takes more than hard work and good nutrition to enlarge your rump.
  • Stop reading “COSMOPOLITAN” magazine.

They gave you that silly advice, “regular exercise and good nutrition”. By now, you have already tried their advice, and discovered that it does not work.

You’ll find the same old and ruinous advice in: Elle Magazine, Vogue Magazine, Women’s Health, Real Simple and Good Housekeeping Magazine.

Stop heeding the vibes from these commercial magazines. Their main purpose is entertainment. If you don’t believe me, go ahead and try their advice. You’ll discover that they never produce the promised results.

Something is always lacking. This lack can metamorphose into a DEADLY HEALTH DISASTER.

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