The Menopause Solution

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Menopause Is Not A Life Sentence: Don’t Let Menopause Symptoms Hijack Your Health, Your Energy Or Your Life For One More Day!

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More than 37 million women in the US suffer from menopause that’s almost 20% of all women in the US!
The dangerous bone disease osteoporosis (which menopause can cause) hits a jaw-dropping 1 in 3 women in her lifetime!

Hi there. Before I uncovered an all natural remedy to rebalance my wacky menopausal hormones, the symptoms used to run me ragged.

Let me ask you if any of these symptoms that I wrestled with every single day sound familiar to you:

Weight Gain: I started to pack on the pounds during peri-menopause. It’s like my metabolism went from a Ferrari to a Ford Focus! I gained weight on my thighs, butt and belly even though I ate like a rabbit and exercised like a madwoman!

Hot Flashes: It didn’t matter where I was or what I was doing hot flashes would hit me like a white-hot bolt of lightning. Even when I was working in the office or playing my kids I was terrified of the next hot flash! Hot flashes aren’t just unpleasant they can (and frequently do) bring dizziness with them. That’s dangerous!

Fatigue: Everyone at work used to call me the office sparkplug because of my tenacious energy. That all changed when during peri-menopause and worsened in menopause. I had to drag my feet just to get myself to the office and I felt like I needed two Venti Starbucks coffees just make it to 5 pm.


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